Tuesday, 30 June 2015

lazy days

After a few rainy days there was some blue sky today. It is nice to feel some warmth from the sun. The days are passing by - walking, surfing, shopping, sitting, talking, catching up with friends and eating. We have been visiting some of our usual haunts; Bangalow for breakfast yesterday and Brunswick Heads for lunch today. In between Colin heads to the water for his daily surf, he is being quite restrained only going in once a day, perhaps he is pacing himself! We have missed having the kids up here but it is hard not to enjoy this place.

I am missing using my camera. I forgot to bring the battery charger so have been saving it to use for something 'special'. In the past there has been the occasional spectacular sunset, I am hopeful we might get lucky again. In the meantime I have been using my little point and shoot, it is just not the same though.

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