Sunday, 7 June 2015


Colin and I met here at uni in '85, some thirty years ago. Not surprisingly when we return we remember times from years ago. It feels like another life back then, we are not the same people and yet we are - the mystery of years lived and lives changed. As always, we are conscious of how fortunate we have been and so thankful for the journey so far.

Not long after we arrived Colin took this photo of a poster in a shop window (Kathmandu), it has been our motto the last couple of days; everything from icy wind and a smattering of snow on Mount Wellington to sitting outside rugged up drinking mulled cider and wine - darn cold but a lot of fun...

selfie at the top of Mount Wellington

hot drinks to warm you on the inside and the outside

based ourselves in Salamanca

the iconic Salamanca market
and Mount Wellington in the background

along the Huon Trail

some hardy souls at a caravan park in Gordon
 (along the Huon Trail)

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