Saturday, 30 May 2015

lilydale falls

A cold and showery day, but being the intrepid explorers we are, that didn't stop us...

the start of the track

an attack of the 'sillies'

carefree for now

first waterfall

second waterfall

a very tall tree

just looking

collecting leaves

throwing leaves

at each other

go grandma

in the back!

time to go

Thursday, 28 May 2015


I've spent a bit of time in the kitchen over the last couple of days. The weather has been ordinary, actually today it is appalling, so pottering and cooking and baking is a great use of time. It is especially enjoyable when you get to share what you make with the people you love. Having lived away for 20 odd years, the opportunity to cook for extended family is such a novelty. I wonder how long before it is not fun anymore, they better make the most of it while it lasts...

hummus for my lunch, Johanna and Hayden promptly
finished it off for afternoon tea

wednesday, chicken curry for dinner, sister number 1

Thursday, roasted pumpkin and sweet potato soup,
sister number 2 and a serve or two for grandma
to put in her freezer

afternoon tea, raspberry and white chocolate muffins
for niece and nephews (and the mums of course)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I opened the blinds to a blanket of fog this morning; thick, white and obscuring. I grabbed the camera and with the promise of some interesting photos braved the not many degree temperature outside. I stalked Johanna as she walked through the park on her way to school and tried not to be too obvious as I stalked walkers and riders passing by. It is always more interesting to have people in the shot. I needn't have worried about getting out and about early in case the fog dissipated, it is lunch time now and the sun is finally making its way through, the last tendrils of wispy white fading away...

And as usual I'm a sucker for beautiful trees...

Saturday, 23 May 2015

brilliant blue

A cold Canberra day but brilliant blue. We walked to the top of Mount Ainslie and along Lake Burley Griffin at Kingston. Just as well because we have been eating out at a lot at great cafes, could almost be in funky or hipster Melbourne...

on the way up

at the top

on the way down

one of many beautiful gum trees

lake Burley Griffin

a moment of appreciation

Friday, 22 May 2015


My birthday present this year - a long weekend in Canberra to see Zac and Jan. It has been years since I've been up here and today we did the obligatory tour of Parliament House and later walked through the National Portrait Gallery.
It's cold, there's a heap of roundabouts, lots of green spaces, important looking buildings but best of all it now has two people living here that it is so wonderful to see...

Not many people about, too cold to stay outside

A quiet moment in the Entrance Hall

The Great Hall where some small children were learning
about the magnificent tapestry

A very cold roof top view

Everyone is inside where it's warm

The view from the other side

One of 16 courtyards

The last of the autumn leaves in this courtyard

winter bare courtyard

Monday, 18 May 2015