Saturday, 31 January 2015

another beginning

Queensland to Tasmania is a long way and a big change. We have swapped the sun and sea of Caloundra and the colour of blue to live on an island amongst earthy shades of green and brown. Queensland felt like summer, Tasmania feels like autumn. A different State, a different natural environment, different colours, different feel and a different apartment - with a shiny solid red door...

We still have a water view, a river rather than the sea. We still have a boardwalk outside our front door, along the mariner rather than coastal beaches. We still have walking tracks, that meander along rivers and gorges rather than sand and sea. We still have cafe's and restaurants at our finger tips and like Caloundra it will take time to find the jewels amongst all the glitter.

But here we have family and Melbourne feels like a mere hop, skip and jump away. A short and easily manageable commute for Colin and for Johanna and I close enough for frequent visits to see the kids. It's two weeks in and we are beginning to feel settled. When school and work routines become familiar and create a sense of rhythm we will finally be 'home'.