Saturday, 31 October 2015

ben lomond

We set out to drive to the top of Mount Ben Lomond, have a picnic lunch and do a bit of walking. It didn't turn out quite like that. As we drove steadily upwards a misty, cloudy white began to obscure the view.

The amazing vista from Jacobs ladder (hairpin turns on the side of the mountain) was cloaked in white.

The degrees centigrade took a turn south and a biting wind joined the drizzly sleet. Almost at the top we braved the conditions to walk out to the lookout - just for the heck of it. Ghostly shapes loomed close by, beyond that, nothing.

We inched our way to the top, the chalet a grey shape rising from the ground. The orange guide markers were a definitely our friends.

It was not what we had planned but it was amazing none the less. We stood in clouds and saw the wind blow them by, the mist kissed our faces and clung to our hair, we felt the bite of a southerly wind, we saw foggy shapes revealed and mystery beyond. The mountain gifted us with a face we had not sought and it was beautiful still...

Friday, 30 October 2015

pumpkin time

When you send your daughter and your nephew shopping for dinner and they come home with a pumpkin - mind you they had a lot of fun chopping and hacking and were pretty happy with the results...

Thursday, 22 October 2015

aged care

There is a whole new world out there - it is called the aged care sector. My sisters and I are becoming very familiar with it! There are ACAT assessments, income and assets test for centrelink, forms for enduring power of attorney, home visits from organisations that provide in home care, visits to aged care facilities and that is just the beginning. There are also the usual visits to doctors, specialists and health care professionals. Our heads are spinning. Our days are full. We have filled out a multitude of forms. We have seen more aged care homes in the last week than anyone has a desire to see.

And in the midst of it all is our father; his health failing, his independence slipping away, his way of life turning upside down. There is worry, anxiety, fear and resignation and most of all grief - for what is lost and what is becoming lost and what is yet to be lost. It is bewildering and overwhelming, so much at such a vulnerable time of life. Is it any wonder then that as we all gather around a table to eat and celebrate my nephews birthday, my fathers eyes fill with tears. So much that is ending, so much that he is losing, so much that is changing, so much that is unknown. It is a difficult and sad journey that we are all undertaking...

Saturday, 17 October 2015

wine glass bay

Today we drove for over four hours, to walk up and down mountains for over three hours, to see a truly beautiful part of Tasmania. I am still wondering if we were a bit mad and my legs are telling me I am going to be sorry tomorrow, but sharing the day with family was definitely a win.

From afar

On the way up

From the top

On the way down

Wine Glass Bay

A new use for kelp

A moment of rest

A furry friend

P.S And if Colin suggests our usual Sunday morning walk around the gorge tomorrow via the zig zag track I might just hit him...

Friday, 9 October 2015

Bakers Beach

It is a rare occurrence that the members of two families (and Grandma) are all free on any one day, today was one such day and we made the most of it with a BBQ at Bakers Beach. An hours drive through picturesque Tasmanian countryside, entry into the National Park, lunch and then the beach; it doesn't get much better than that.

Narawntapu National Park

BBQ time

Bakers Beach

On your mark, Get set
They're off
almost there
a freezing cold reward
writing it big 
adding a little message at the end
capturing the deed
hop scotch
push ups
a test of strength