Saturday, 31 October 2015

ben lomond

We set out to drive to the top of Mount Ben Lomond, have a picnic lunch and do a bit of walking. It didn't turn out quite like that. As we drove steadily upwards a misty, cloudy white began to obscure the view.

The amazing vista from Jacobs ladder (hairpin turns on the side of the mountain) was cloaked in white.

The degrees centigrade took a turn south and a biting wind joined the drizzly sleet. Almost at the top we braved the conditions to walk out to the lookout - just for the heck of it. Ghostly shapes loomed close by, beyond that, nothing.

We inched our way to the top, the chalet a grey shape rising from the ground. The orange guide markers were a definitely our friends.

It was not what we had planned but it was amazing none the less. We stood in clouds and saw the wind blow them by, the mist kissed our faces and clung to our hair, we felt the bite of a southerly wind, we saw foggy shapes revealed and mystery beyond. The mountain gifted us with a face we had not sought and it was beautiful still...

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