Monday, 2 November 2015

bridport walking track

We almost didn't go, the weather forecast was for showers but the thought of being stuck at home all day was unappealing, so we packed rain coats and walking shoes and went anyway. An hours drive north and we left the raincoats in the car and got out the sunscreen instead. We didn't intend to walk the whole 11.6 km, just make a start, exit along the way and head to a cafe for lunch. Over two and a half hours later (there was a bit of stopping for photos along the way!) we had completed the circuit, feeling very pleased with ourselves and anticipating some lunch.

One of the reasons we kept walking was that each section of the track was so different:

We started at Eastmans Beach and walked past Old Pier Beach, the track following the coast for a bit.

The path turns from the coast and becomes scrubby bush, accentuated by wildflowers and tall barren trees.

Then everything becomes black and grey, charred and covered with ash. The burn off was recent, the smell of blackened wood and ash remains.

Black gives way to green, destruction to new life, a luscious living carpet and white jewelled flowers standing tall on a stem.

The carpet of grass gives way to a carpet of ferns and in their midst tall, brown and straight stand the trunks of a multitude of trees.

The path follows a creek for a short while and then there is a crossing, a construct of steel linking one side to another.

Finally we return to the coast, to finish where we began.

Colin commented that he must have the most photographed back in Tasmania, so here's one from the front!

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