Thursday, 8 October 2015


Swan Hill to Melbourne, a side trip to Dromana, and then back to Launceston, another week on the move; hot inland country Victoria, a hot Melbourne CBD, a cooler Mornington Peninsula and back to a comparatively cool Tasmania. Back to my own bed and my own familiar surroundings and some of my usual routines - quite a nice feeling really. And along with it a long list of things to do, catch up on and get organised - not such a nice feeling really! My body has been busy, in different places, coming and going, but so has my mind - thinking and planning, wondering and worrying, busy and restless. Perhaps now I am home, physically 'still' for a bit, I can manage to still my mind as well, at least for a moment here and there. One of the things I have not done much of lately is taking photos; too busy and not in the right frame of mind. And, I miss the feeling of being absorbed by something creative, where for a time all else fades away - there is focus and energy and stillness and silence, there is enjoyment and satisfaction, there is a place that you go where nothing else intrudes. That is the place I long for...

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