Friday, 8 May 2015

the little guys

When Johanna wanted goldfish I admit I thought they were a bit of a waste of space – honestly what can you do with a goldfish? They just swim around and around and poop, not much that is interesting there. But, I also have to admit that I am beginning to think otherwise. In truth, we probably do have goldfish that are a bit unusual. I don’t think I know any others that are hand fed. Fingers are now associated with food so when you stick one in they come straight to you and nibble gently, and you can touch them and kind of pat them even. If you get up close and look into the tank they will swim up to the glass and watch you with their big googly eyes, and if you move to another side of the tank they will follow you, big eyes unblinking and little round mouths opening and closing. They seem so excited that you are there, you and your finger. Now it could be the food or it could be the boredom but it is kind of nice to always be joyfully welcomed. I am getting quite attached to the little guys, so much so that when they went to grandmas when we were on holidays I couldn’t bring myself to put them in a small fish bowl for two weeks. It seemed so cruel, they are used to lots of space and plants and ornaments and stuff. So we emptied most of the water out off the tank and into containers, the little guys into a plastic bag and transported the tank and all the paraphernalia to grandmas. It was quite an undertaking and I was regretting my moment of weakness but when everything was set up and they seemed just as happy there as at home it was almost worth it. Grandma got her care instructions and hints on hand feeding and what did she say two weeks later when it was time for the little guys to come home – I believe something about becoming attached and how she didn’t know goldfish could be so interesting!! I rest my case…

P.S Johanna and I are planning to buy new ornaments for the tank, gotta give the little guys something to stimulate their minds?

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