Friday, 12 June 2015

change of address

No, we are not moving, but our various personal blog sites are. We are doing a bit of spring (actually winter) cleaning, consolidating and simplifying blogs that are multiplying over time. So if you have a shortcut or bookmark you will need to update the address. There's a list here.

We've decided to move everything to blogspot. It is basic but it is free and you don't end up having to pay a yearly subscription to maintain old sites and to ensure no advertising. We've moved all the latest and easiest blogs, our yurting site is a bit more difficult and will take longer to migrate, lots of links that are creating a bit of a headache.

Ah well, all this cold weather is conducive to sitting in front of a computer, nice and warm inside. The mornings are particularly cold, usually frosty, but every now and then the fog rolls in just for something different.

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