Monday, 1 June 2015

first day of winter

And right on cue, sub zero temperatures this morning. I put the heater on and went right back to bed til the place warmed up a bit. When I finally worked up the courage to begin the day with the ritual opening of the blinds and checking out the morning view, it was white - a thick frost covering most things in sight. Sorry, no photos, I wasn't brave enough to go outside. I almost chickened out of my morning walk but compromised by going later, think the temperature had risen above zero by then. Actually it wasn't as bad as I had imagined, a few layers and an old hoodie of Colin's which kept my head and my hands warm and I was set. There were lots of other people out and about, walking themselves or their dogs or jogging away. Tasmanians are a hardy lot. I avoided the shady and frost laden parts of the path and marvelled at frozen leaves crunched underfoot, sparkly, twinkling blades of grass, steam rising as the sun's warmth touched the earth and still reflections in a morning sun. Next time I'll take my camera! I guess invigorating is one way to describe mornings like this, some other words spring to mind as well, but I'd take very cold and clear over cold and windy or showery any day.

It is 24 degrees and mostly sunny in Caloundra today, just saying, grumble, grumble. Johanna is going there on Thursday to spend a long, long weekend with her friends for her birthday, grumble, grumble. Colin and I are consoling ourselves with a weekend in Hobart, further south and colder still!!

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