Monday, 15 June 2015


We had a trifecta this morning, cold, wet and then foggy. 

Yesterday we had a maximum of a whole 7 degrees, it was still around 2 degrees at 2pm. I don’t think we had sub zero temperatures overnight but we often do. 

It is taking some getting used to. In Caloundra the lows are presently around 15 and during the day it’s a balmy 23! Why are we here, hmmm we are asking ourselves the same question lately. Actually the main reason we are here was evident this weekend – family. As a birthday present and a thank you present for my one of my sisters, we volunteered for kids and pets duty while she and her husband had a couple of days away. It has been a while since we have had three primary school aged kids to care for, add in two dogs and a cat, multiple sport and extra curricula activities and it makes for a busy weekend. Funny how long the day feels when it starts before the sun comes up.

Sunday morning, 9.30am, finds us at the dog park suitably wrapped up for 1.5 degrees; jackets, beanies, gloves and scarves, that is Colin and I, my nephews are made of hardier stuff. My niece has already been dropped off at a theatre production rehearsal, two nephews are in tow along with Eddie. Eddie is a border collie and needs to run, a lot, and multiple times a day. Amazingly, there are actually other people at the dog park too and lucky for Eddie (and us) there’s a few big dogs who love to run as much as he does. You have to keep moving to stay warm though. Your breath is white vapour dissipating into cold nothingness. Jo finds a large slither of ice in the dog’s water bowl and proceeds to hold it in bare hands watching the drips as it slowly melts. Some entertainment for the nephews is required while Eddie does his running thing. Colin enters fully into the nephew conversation about which greek god you would choose to be, he can’t believe they haven’t heard of fartius, the god of wind. You get the picture and can imagine the conversation for the next half hour. I do believe burpius and poopius got a bit of a mention too…

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