Monday, 15 February 2016


Today the wind blew and blew, not a gentle refreshing breeze but an angry defiant blast. I do not find the sound of this kind of wind a pleasant one at all. It is surround sound at full volume - a deep roar of rushing, moving air and the high pitched whine of vibrating air and the bangs and rattles and moans and groans of everything in its path. The wind is pushing and challenging, pitting itself against all else; confrontational and resolute, it will bow to no-one or no thing. It gets into your head and sets you on edge, incessant like a child's whinging and just as exhausting.

The wind is furious but then it relents. It is such a relief. your tense body relaxes momentarily, you feel like you can breathe. The silence is loud. But it is fleeting and with a vengeance the roaring returns and the whining and the battering of people and things. And so it goes, all day, relentless and merciless.

This savage wind is no friend of mine...

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