Thursday, 18 February 2016

why not

Because it feels too risky.

The conversation goes something like this.

As we take a leisurely Sunday drive discovering yet another beautiful hidden gem in the Tasmanian countryside we see a four wheel drive towing a caravan. I say to Colin, "do you think we will ever do our big Australia trip? Do you still want to?" We both decide that yes we still want to - sometime, we just don't know when or how.

We have been discussing of late possible plans for our return to Melbourne next year, things like how we don't really want to live in Melbourne but Colin needs to work there and we want to be close to our kids who live there. We were dreaming of renting a place in Barwon Heads (an hour and a half from Melbourne and on the surf coast - that's Colin's strong preference and seeming as I don't have one I'm happy to oblige). We were thinking of renting for a year, getting a feel for the place, then selling our Brunswick home and buying something down there. Kind of settling down.

It is appealing and a bit sobering, there is something final about that plan. The financial commitment of that choice might jeopardise other hopes and dreams. There are still two 'big' things we would love to do; travel Australia in a caravan and spend some time in Italy, the birthplace of my father.

It occurred to us that if Johanna took a gap year next year maybe we could too. Maybe it was possible to do the two 'big' things we really want to do before we settle down. Over lunch in a pub we continued the conversation begun in the car. Was it possible, could it actually be more than a dream, could we make it work financially. Once we had the thought we couldn't let it go. Sometimes a simple question is a dangerous thing, more so if you tend to ask why not.

There is something about the idea and the timing that just feels right. It may not be possible and it certainly feels risky and it is definitely worth exploring...

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