Thursday, 4 February 2016


This week I had some time - time when there was nothing I had to do, or should do or wanted to do. Precious moments of time to pass just as I pleased. And I reached for my camera that has been sitting so forlorn and forgotten for much of the last few months and I reached for a lens that rarely gets used. The drizzle outside decided my staying inside and one thing led to another and the morning disappeared.

I like that sometimes with photographs you never quite know what you will get, that there is an element of surprise and that the ordinary can become something else all together.

That you can take an object and place it in front of a mirror

That you can reposition it so that it is silhouetted by reflected light

That you can reposition yourself to capture the shadow that is cast in the mirror

That you can focus on the shadow alone

That you can make a picture that is nothing like where you started

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