Saturday, 8 August 2015


Another hospital week - life feels like it has been suspended - I am waiting for 'real life' to resume. My father is to be discharged on Monday. There has been another week of adjusting medications and ensuring he can return successfully to independent living. Amidst the hospital routines I have watched my niece and nephew perform in a ballet concert and my niece in a play. Another nephew (same age as Johanna and attending the same College) will be spending part of each week with us, allowing him to minimise travel time for school and his cycling commitments (which are many when you reach State level).

One of the main reasons for moving back to Tassie was to be around more, to be involved in the lives of my family and help out, especially in times like these past few weeks. I have been away for twenty odd years and while the last few weeks have been stressful at times, I am so thankful to be here...

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