Saturday, 15 August 2015


Thirty minutes or so from Alum Cliffs is a place called Devils Gullet (Lookout). With a name like that we just had to have a look. When you turn off the main road you hit gravel and then you go up and up and up, til suddenly there is white stuff lying on the side of the road. Yep, still snow from a week or more ago. Johanna had never seen snow before, she was ecstatic. We pulled over when there was enough to have a bit of a play.

the first handful of snow

throwing it around

building a snowman

the first attempt

With the promise of more snow further on we continued up the road. We didn't make it to Devils Gullet, the road kind of disappeared under snow eventually and there was no visible walking track but we did find lot's more snow to play in.

onwards and upwards

a place to stop

snow, glorious snow

the first throw

the chase

taking cover


taking advantage of an awkward situation

the sun shines through

enjoying the view

building another snowman

finishing touches

Ta Da

time to go

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