Friday, 28 August 2015

east coast

We did a lot of driving today, a loop around part of the East Coast. There are so many beautiful places, you really need a few days to do them justice. We decided on bit of a reconnoissance, a quick drive through the southern section taking note of the places we want to explore some more. The fact that it was squally with icy winds was conducive to driving more than anything else!

We drove south to Campbell Town, turned east and made our way to Coles Bay. The sun, rain, sun pattern continued once we arrived and out of the car the blast of southerly wind was bracing to say the least. A faint rainbow was our reward for being brave enough to get out of the car.

We lunched at Bicheno, making the most of a warm cafe that overlooked the cove. On cue the blue sky dotted with scattered clouds gave way to a sheet of grey and what looked suspiciously like sleet. The beautiful emerald sea turned an inconspicuous grey.

Just north of Bicheno is Denison Beach, a long stretch of white sand bordering a wild sea today. Those ominous clouds crept their way along the coast as well. We took a photo for Johanna, just letting her know that we were at the beach today too - she is in Caloundra, in shorts and t-shirt no doubt, a very different kind of beach experience there.

Elephant Pass, St Mary's and the Fingal valley kept us company on the way home, as did the dark mass of wintry clouds. The drama of the sky created a hide and seek on the ground, deep shade followed by bright sunlight; dark grey and yellow chasing each other across hills and mountains, sheep and tumble down farmhouses and a grey winding road leading us home...

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