Sunday, 6 March 2016

off road

Yesterday we went on a little adventure; a long stretch of beautiful coastline, blue water and sand dunes where we drove and swam and picnicked and got bogged and had lots of fun...

the adventure started before we even arrived, we left the Brumby to cool down and all piled into Pat

Bellingham to Bridport along the beach

my brother in law spotted some friends along the way, we stopped to say hi

the perfect lunch spot, a whole beach all to ourselves

a family tradition


a swim


hand stands

a nudie run

lunch time

a fishing spot

so beautiful

time to head into the dunes

the bottom of the hill

half way up




the solution?

maybe not

time for a helping hand

thanks mate

let some more air out of the tyres and no problem

we made it to the top and all the way to Bridport

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