Tuesday, 29 March 2016

easter adventures

Chocolate, family, beach and a mountain for us this Easter.

Chocolate, of course

Family and friends, of course,

Back for round 2 of Bellingham to Bridport, this time with Rachel and Ella.

lots of 4 wheel drive tracks 

lots of quad bikes too
and long stretches of beautiful coastline
with the occasional other car along the way 

time for a swim
someones idea of fun

Cradle Mountain, a 6-8 hour hike up and down didn't sound like much fun to me. I opted out of this one, Johanna was on photo duty (and Ella)

a long way to go
a different view
Marions lookout
getting closer
the end is in sight
almost there
a final scramble
lucky I wasn't there to see this
the reward
coming down

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