Monday, 28 December 2015

happy birthday

Heidi has an unenviable birthdate - Christmas Day. We usually celebrate on a different day, this year we choose the 27th. We packed a picnic lunch and drove for a very long time to one of the most beautiful places in Tasmania, the Bay of Fires. We walked and climbed and ate and a few brave people swam. We found a cove in an out of the way spot and had the place all to ourselves - pristine white sand, lichen covered rocks, clear blue sea...

I forgot to pack my camera (sigh.... too busy packing the picnic lunch!) so we had to make do with iPhones (very unsatisfactory for such a stunning place)

Heidi and Alex


Lunch in a cove all on our own

Heidi - taking it in

big brother lends a hand

group selfie for those who made it up the rocks

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