Sunday, 13 December 2015

deja vu

Colin had an appointment with a specialist in Caloundra, a follow up from our time living here. It was a good excuse for a long weekend. We booked ourselves into the apartment complex where we used to live, finding ourselves 3 floors up and a little to the left. The apartment is just like the one we used to live in, the furniture is different, that's all. It feels so weird to be back, like being home, but not quite. From the balcony a reminder of what we left behind...



We walk the familiar boardwalk to Kings Beach, Colin swims, we visit our favourite cafes, we notice the changes as one business replaces another, I catch up with a friend, we go to the movies for $7.50 each, we wander the Sunday market, we sit on wooden seats and watch the world go by...

We love the warmth and remember that December is the beginning of the rainy season when two out of our three days are grey and drizzly. We are reminded of summer storms as the clouds roll in late afternoon and we watch an electrical storm from our balcony. There is a brief moment when the clouds part and the setting sun creates a little magic in the sky. Such a beautiful place and such happy memories from our two years here...

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