Tuesday, 22 September 2015

here and there

There is a lot of coming and going at the moment.

I spent the weekend in Melbourne celebrating Colin's mother's 80th birthday, catching up with Heidi and Alex (feels strange not having Rachel around) and a sunny Sunday found Colin and I at Ocean Grove. Colin got his seaside fix and an unsatisfactory surf on an old, short board. We explored some out of the way places along the coast that we have never been to before. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera to Melbourne this time (just a quick weekend trip!) and missed the opportunity to try and capture something of the many golden fields of canola that dazzled in the sunlight. Cars were stopping all over the place and out came the iPhones to photograph the sea of yellow.

Colin joined the crowd and took this on his iPhone 
I have three days back in Tassie and two trips to Devonport to attend appointments with my father, then back to Melbourne for a bit. Johanna came to Melbourne overnight to attend her grandmother's birthday (she had to return for work on Sunday) and will head up to Caloundra when the Tassie school holidays start next week. For once Colin is staying put (in Melbourne for a month) and Johanna and I are doing the travelling.

I have not felt 'settled' since returning to Tassie in July when my father was in hospital. It doesn't feel like there has been a 'normal' kind of week since then. Lots of travelling back and forth, lots of doctors and specialists and decisions to make, helping Rachel prepare and begin her cycling adventure, saying goodbye, and somewhere in there work and life and everything else that happens day to day. I guess sometimes this is 'normal' life for a bit, doesn't look like much will change in the near future, I'm going to have to figure out how to be at peace with it all...

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