Saturday, 12 September 2015

birthday boy

Colin's birthday was a good excuse to continue our exploration of the East Coast, this time the far north. We took the longer route through Scottsdale and headed east from there, driving through a part of the state neither of us had seen before. We drove through towns we had never heard of (farming, mining and logging), through rich fertile farmland where the deep red/brown earth reminded us of the north west coast, through forests of ferns and moss, through scrubby bushland and over a few 'hills' finally arriving in St Helens in time for lunch.

We took a detour...

the path to Beer Barrel beach

scouting the coastline

heading for a swim

taking the plunge into the cold blue sea

Peron Dunes

the other side

And late afternoon we reached our destination, Binalong Bay, the southern end of the famous Bay of Fires...

getting the lay of the land

from the top

from the bottom

a spot of climbing

and jumping

pristine white sand

second part to come...

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