Sunday, 13 September 2015

bay of fires

There is a magical place in the far north east of Tasmania, literally at the roads end.

The Bay of Fires; crystal clear blue water, pristine white sand, orange coloured granite boulders, secret coves and spectacular beaches.
  • so called because in 1773 Captain Tobias Furneaux saw the fires of the indigenous people lit along the beaches.
  • The orange on the granite rocks is lichen
  • The pristine white sand is due to quartz
This place took our breath away, we decided we could easily live here!

Binalong Bay is just the beginning, in oder to truly appreciate this place you have to keep going. The road winds its way to The Gardens and then stops. This is literally the end of the road. There is National Park further in and it is possible to hike. I do not know what lies beyond - an adventure for another day. We made our way to the end of the road, were duly stunned and on our way back turned off into nooks and crannies exploring this amazing place.

Words cannot describe the beauty of this place, perhaps some photos can..

At the end of the road this what you find...

to the right

looking back

a path leading on

a viewing platform overlooking the cove

blue, white and orange

the return path

I want to live in this house!!

As we began to explore on our way back...

We turned down honeymoon road, a total of five houses shared this cove, their own private piece of paradise...

We spied a long stretch of beach, followed a driveway and bush bashed our way to Taylors Beach

Big Lagoon

southern end of Taylors Beach

And finally Sloop Lagoon

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