Monday, 13 June 2016

counting days

This time next week Johanna and I will be staying with my mother, our Seaport apartment vacated. This time in two weeks Colin and I will be in Byron Bay, our yearly winter sojourn. This time in three weeks we will be packing up the Melbourne apartment. This time in four weeks we will be in our new place at Barwon Heads. So many loose ends to tie up, so many things to organise and be done. So many strange and conflicted feelings. Sometimes I don't know whether I am coming or going and sometimes I don't know what I feel. Full - full of things to do and feelings overflowing.

Every now and then we take some 'time out'. Friday morning Johanna skipped school and the three of us walked along our boardwalk taking in the destruction of the floods, we went to Longford to Hubert and Dan's (all out of their legendary eclairs by mid morning) and enjoyed the beautiful old trees in a park nearby (which Johanna promptly climbed).

there were some very impressive fungi too

Yesterday Colin and I drove to Hobart (Johanna is working all weekend) and wandered around MONA and Salamanca. We left just before sunrise and returned just before sunset, the day sandwiched between two dazzling skies.

sunrise on the way to Hobart 

sunset from our verandah

we will be sad to lose our view

As we count down days and tick things off our lists it is good to see and feel the touch of nature and be reminded of what really matters...

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