Sunday, 19 July 2015

tennis: tassie style

It's 9am, the temperature is below zero, there is frost on the ground, the fog is beginning to lift, the tennis balls have to be warmed (the cold air inside the balls means they don't bounce properly), everyone is donned in 'puffer jackets', scarves and beanies; it is finals day and that's why we are here. Both my nephews have made finals. My sister has endured many such mornings and comes well prepared, she has discovered hand warmers - pouches of some substance that when shaken and exposed to the cold air heat up and stay warm for hours. We put them inside our gloves, I wish you could put them inside your shoes.  By 11am there is some sun with a hint of warmth, it is all of 2.5 degrees; warmth is a relative thing I am discovering...

keeping warm in between matches

a very happy runner up X2, singles and doubles

P.S  Nephew number 1 also received a trophy but he is old enough to want to be first not second and his disappointment is keen (so no photo of him!)

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  1. They do make them for shoes - adhere to outside of sock under ball of foot / toes - compulsory for skiing!