Tuesday, 7 July 2015


The forecast rain held off for most of the day so: 

we went for an early morning walk along the coastal track; up hills, on paths, along sand and had breakfast watching local surfers make the most of the big swell.

Looking over Bar Beach and Merewether Beach (far end)

Bar Beach

Merewether Beach

Merewether bathing pool with waves crashing over it

we rode borrowed bikes further afield; to Nobby's Point, past Fort Scratchley, the bathing pools and up even more hills. I complained about the bright pink helmet that went with the girl's bike, Colin manfully volunteered to wear it. I decided to be gracious and wore the darn thing and also allowed him to ride the boys bike even though his seat was more comfortable. The 'going' was fine, the 'coming back' was into a headwind and up a very steep hill. My legs will be complaining tomorrow.

After lunch and an afternoon nap we returned to Merewether Beach just in time to enjoy a beautiful sky as the sun went down.

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