Saturday, 11 April 2015

end of an era

It is time, time to sell our caravan. 

We have toyed with the idea for a while. The van is getting on in years, we don’t use it as much these days, it costs to have it in storage and lastly and perhaps most importantly it feels like the right time. Gone are the days of long summer holidays and gone are the days when the caravan overflowed with all six of us. We have so many wonderful memories and this van symbolizes so much; that is what has made the decision a difficult and protracted one.

But it is done. On Monday the van will be left at a sales yard when we return home. And so the week has been spent sorting and cleaning and distributing quite a few years of ‘stuff’. It’s kind of sad but feels kind of right; there are lots of ‘last times’ at the moment and so many memories associated with each nook and cranny of this little house on wheels.
Part of a text from Heidi, “…lots of good memories of 500, Dad’s breakfasts, squeezing around the table for dinner, reading on your bed…”

We have had such fun and adventures in this van, so much joy and laughter and the occasional catastrophe. We are so glad that we documented these times, our yurting blog (link here) is a record, a visual memory of something so very precious…

the maiden voyage Inverloch 2009

Byron Bay 2009
we have returned at the same time every year since

cleaning up 2015

almost empty

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