Thursday, 2 April 2015

a different grey

A different State and a different kind of grey. We arrived back in Caloundra last night, instead of the sunny blue we remember so well it is rainy grey, which we also remember quite well. Last year when we lived here we were feeling sorry for all the Easter campers when the weather was so wet, this year we are among them walking through puddles at the local caravan park.

When we drove in last night it felt like we were coming home, everything so familiar, like we had just been away on a long holiday. Except of course we didn't drive 'home', we drove our van to the caravan park around the corner from our old home. And so here we are for two weeks to pretend like we haven't left. We are kind of on holiday but kind of not. It is strange to holiday in the place where you have lived.

Within an hour of arriving Johanna surprised her friends two days earlier than they were expecting her. I think most of Caloundra heard the happy reunion, especially the crowd at the local Domino's where there was a lot of screeching, squealing, hugging and kissing. Colin and I pretended we didn't know them for a few minutes, their joy and happiness bringing a tear to our eyes. we have hardly seen her since.

Despite the rain forecast for the coming days we are enjoying being back in a place that we love so much. Surely some time over the coming two weeks we will experience the colour of blue and feel the warm rays of the sun shining down on this beautiful place.

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