Tuesday, 9 August 2016

one and two

One week in Tassie and two in Barwon Heads, that is the next couple of months for Johanna and I. We have just returned from our week in Tassie (Monday to Friday) where Johanna needs to attend school and where I get to catch up with my family. It feels strange to be there and not in our apartment at Seaport (we stay with my mother). It also feels strange to be here in Barwon Heads. Neither feels like home at the moment and our coming and going will probably mean it will be a while before anywhere feels like home. It is surprising how much rhythms and routines give structure to a day or a life. After three days at home it feels like Colin should be leaving. Johanna now works all weekend and is around during the week days. Our work, non work schedules have all changed. The pattern of our lives has been turned on its head and sometimes I find myself a bit confused and lost - where am I this week, what day is it, what needs to be done.

Despite the unsettling nature of change and the fact that it is winter and cold we are thoroughly enjoying life on the coast again. There is something about living by the sea. And Barwon Heads has that small village feel and we are getting to know our neighbours and exploring the nooks and crannies of this place. And Melbourne is an hour and a half away, close enough for the kids to come down and for us to go up.
And there is the promise of warmer and slower days to come....

Colin heading into the Barwon River to christen his SUP

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