Friday, 20 May 2016

on the move

Our original plan was to be in Tassie for two years - for me to spend some time with my family, to be closer to Melbourne to visit the kids and to allow Johanna to complete year 12. Eighteen months in and we have adjusted the plan. The opportunity to move back to Melbourne has presented itself and all three of us are keen to transition to the next phase. We have negotiated with the school for Johanna to complete year 12 via flexible learning and my father is safe and settled in aged care. There is no reason now that we need to stay and many that call us back to Melbourne. In the midst of our long weekend on the Sunshine Coast we got the go ahead from Johanna's school, gave notice of our intention to leave our current rental property in Launceston and just happened to see a place in Barwon Heads that looked perfect. We made an appointment to see it on Monday when we returned to Melbourne and applied later that day and got confirmation of our acceptance the next. So it is all happening at the moment, a whirlwind of plans and activity. I feel somewhat overwhelmed and more than somewhat tired at the thought of everything that needs to be done!....

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