Thursday, 12 March 2015

gordon and fergus

Gold Fish. 
The pet you have when you can’t have a pet. 

Johanna bought Gordon and Fergus within weeks of our arrival. Their tank is perched on our kitchen bench, almost at eye level and visible from anywhere in the kitchen and lounge. It is spacious, complete with light and filter and the occupants swim amongst synthetic plants and an ornamental anchor. Johanna is big on research, if it is something she has an interest in that is. So we have to buy a certain brand of fish food that has the required minerals and nutrients (and none of the crap) and supplement their diet with tiny bits of vegetables – apparently a slightly cooked and squished pea does wonders for fish gut health. A percentage of the water gets changed each week and the ph and nitrate levels tested. Gordon and Fergus get hand fed. Yep you read correctly. Actually finger fed would be a better description. If you put your finger on the tiny floating dot that is dinner they will come and nibble, gently touching the tip of your finger. Johanna likes to be sure of an equal and appropriate amount of food for each. Now it appears they have either forgotten or choose not to feed themselves! And it turns out Fergus might actually be a Fergie if Gordon’s behavior is anything to go by.

Gordon and Fergus – goggle eyed, none too smart, kind of cute in a creepy sort of way and quite photogenic…

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